体技心館 is a 流派 school in the traditional meaning of a transmission line of martial arts and Japanese traditional culture, it's registered in Japan under the prestigious DAI NIPPON BUTOKU KAI 大日本武徳会 since 2017.

The Taigishinkan was founded by Prof. Angelo Bonanno in 2005 and the first public dojo was opened in Calabria (South Italy) to teach karate and jujutsu. Moving to Milan in 2010, Prof. Bonanno maintained active classes at local sports clubs. From 2018 until 2021, after moving again, he taught in Pesaro in a sport club. Since 2021 he lives in Milan again and he teachs in two sport clubs: Fisic Milano Club (corso attivo) and ASD Zonaotto (da settembre 2024).

The Taigishinkan is devoted to the preservation and the spreading of clan or old style systems, for both Okinawan karate and Japanese bujutsu. To pursue these goals, Prof. Bonanno goes every year to Japan and Okinawa to study under the head masters, and to establish collaborations that allow the Taigishinkan to always remain technically updated.

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