The Taigishin-kan 体技心館™® is an indipendent school of thought or Ryu-Ha 流派 to spread the Budo and its culture. The Taigishin-kan was born as a public dojo in 2005 in Calabria (Italy), thanks to the desire of Prof. Angelo Bonanno to teach karate and jujutsu. After the transfer of Prof. Bonanno to northern Italy for job reasons on 2010, the public dojo was closed to live again as a private dojo at the home of the master himself, where he hosts the few internal students of the Ryu-ha, while the public classes are held at the Gymnasium Club in Riccione (Italy).

The Taigishin-kan is mainly devoted to the preservation of family karate system Kojoryu • Shinzanryu 湖城流 • 振山流™® but it contributes to the study of Okinawan karate and Nihon bujutsu & cuture in general. So Taigishin-kan has two departments to operate:

  • Okinawa Karate • Kobudo Department

  • Nihon Budo • Bunka Department.

For these goals Prof. Bonanno travels every year to Japan and Okinawa to study under the masters of traditional schools.

The Taigishin-kan is registered in Japan under the following prestigious organizations:

  • 大日本武徳会 Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (DNBK)​
  • 国際武術文化連盟 International Martial Arts & Culture Federation (IMCF)​​.

Prof. Bonanno is also registered under the:

  • 沖縄傳湖城流空手道尚道会 Okinawa-den Kojoryu Karate-do Shodokai
  • 国際空手道古武道拳志會連合 International Karate-do Kobudo Kenshikai Organization (IKO)
  • 日本甲冑合戦之会 Armored Samurai Battle Association
  • 大東流合気柔術練心館 Daitoryu Aikijujutsu Renshinkan
  • 日本書道技術師認定協会 Japanese Association of Technical Calligraphers.

These organizations recognize the Taigishin-kan attesting its mission, in accordance with the criteria applicable to the Japanese schools of traditional martial arts and culture, this is the maximum possible support.