Spreading Project

The Taigishinkan is working for a Spreading Project that Prof. Bonanno named Koyama-ryu Kobujutsu Taigishinkan™ or simply Kobujutsu Taigishinkan (see)The Koyama-ryu is a system that includes two parts, one relating to the Okinawa-den i.e. the tradition of Ryukyu martial arts, and one relating to the Nihon-den i.e. relating to the more specifically Japanese tradition.

  • The Okinawa-den part of the Koyama-ryu system is made up of the Kojo-ryu, Hakutsuru-ken (White Crane Fist) and Okinawa Kobudo kata, around which all the practitioner's training revolves which is enriched by the training of other kata, exercises and methods also deriving from other styles and systems such as Shurite, Nahate and above all the Kingai-ryu of the Matayoshi family. 
  • The Nihon-den part of the Koyama-ryu system contemplates the study of Japanese taijutsu/jujutsu techniques, tojutsu and some weapons of the Japanese bujutsu tradition, such as jo, shuriken, etc. Examples of schools of particular interest are the Mondo-ryu, Negishi-ryu, Toyama-ryu, Yamamoto-ryu, etc. and there is also a study dedicated to shinobi strategies interconnected with some of these schools. Particular emphasis is also given to the study of Japanese culture and some of its typical disciplines such as shodo, sumi-e, haiku poetry, etc.

Koyamaryu Kobujutsu Taigishinkan is a registered trademark (™) and it's registered in Japan under the Kokusai Bujutsu • Bunka Renmei. Below the Sosetsu-sha 創設者 (Founder) of Koyama-ryu certificate issued by the Renmei.