Mondo-ryu Heiho flag by Yokoyama Soke
Official Samurai License


Samurai Heiho Taigishin-kan 侍 兵法 (warrior fighting strategy) is a general form of bujutsu, not a style, derived from the experiences of Prof. Angelo Bonanno in the Japanese martial arts and traditional culture; its body consists of four parts:
- Atemijutsu: empty hand techniques
- Jujutsu: joint blocking and throwing techniques
- Buki waza: weapons techniques (sword, knife, etc.)
- Bunka: traditional culture as Shodo, Haiku, etc.
The Samurai Heiho Taigishin-kan is mainly based on the to-jutsu strategy (sword techniques), this mainly comes from both Mondo-ryu Heiho and Toyamaryu Iaido; the first is an old samurai system of XVI Century War Era, the second is the special system founded in 1873 to train in the Imperial Japanese Army Academy.
It also includes aikijujutsu of Matsuda-den Daitoryu.

Prof. Bonanno is recognized by the Armored Samurai Battle Association, entity member of the Kokusai Bujutsu Bunka Renmei of Osaka, and he is Italy So-Shibucho for the Dai Nihon Dento Morinaga Toyamaryu Iaido Rengokai, entity member of the Zen Nippon Toyamaryu Iaido Kyokai of Kyoto.