Membership to Taigishinkan is open to anyone agree its mission and approaches with sincere hearts and far from fanaticisms.

The member may requests rank recognition and teaching license under the Taigishinkan in his own martial art.

Recognition can take place for each ryu (style) or ryu-ha (branch) provided that his own martial arts are conforms to the Taigishinkan criteria. Recognition has no legal value but represents an endorsement by the Taigishinkan as a school registered in Japan and therefore a school founded on traditional values of practice and for these recognized by the very source of Budo.


To advance the membership request, please at first you have to read carefully the Code of Ethics and accept it unconditionally (please request by e-mail).
Acceptance of the membership is subject to the discretionary and unquestionable assessment of the Kancho.

Classes of karate are held at the Gymnasium Club in Riccione (Italy)